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Which Nail Shapes Have the Tendency to Break?

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The Most Easy To Break are...

Square and coffin-shaped nails are the shapes that break more often, due to their straight-edge shapes. Round and oval nails are most resistant to breakage because there are no sharp edges that can cause weak points in the nails.

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What to Do If Your Nail Breaks

If this happens, we always recommend one thing: Come to the salon so Tania can take care of you. However, if you do not have the time or if you are too far away from us, find a nail file and get to work. It’s best to smooth any jagged edges as soon as possible to prevent further breakage. Use your nail file and move it in one single direction, filling it back to its original shape that matches your other nails. Of course it will result in shorter nails, but you have to play it safe.

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How To Avoid Breakage?

Everything starts with keeping your nails strong. Cuticles are the gatekeepers to nail health and strength, so it’s important to use a cuticle oil or serum daily. We recommend the Nourishing Exotic Oil by Pure Fiji. This one is not only good for your cuticles, it is perfect to nourish your whole body as well. Also, don’t buff your nail too much as this thins out your nail plate.

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Remember, the best way to keep up with your nails is taking care of them often. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with our Amazing Nail Technician Tania. She does regular, french, gel, Dip-Nexgen, Tips, and Acrylics Manicure.