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Myths About Hair Growth

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"Getting Frequent Trims Makes Hair Grow Faster"

Regular trims allow us to maintain healthier hair because frayed, split ends are removed rather than allowed to continue to split further up the strands.

When you get a haircut, it may feel like your hair grows faster, but what it is really happening, is that it grows from the roots at the same rate; but because of healthier ends, it appears longer and thicker. This means that you can see the difference, even if it grows at the same rate, because there will not be split ends that make the hair look thin and scraggy.

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"Pulling Your Grey Hair Makes More of Them Grow"

No, plucking your grey hairs does not mean that they will come back in multiples. Even if you want to get rid of them, wait until your next hair color appointment. Plucking your hair can possibly destroy the hair follicle and leave bald patches, and that cannot be fixed.

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"If you Braid your Hair Every Day This Will Make it Grow"

You really don’t want this to be a daily thing. The constant tension from these styles can cause a receding hairline or cause breakage that will leave your hair thin, weakened and damaged over time.

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"Washing Your Hair Makes You Lose Hair"

People lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair every single day. You get scared because you see the most hair loss when you’re either brushing or washing it. But that is because when a hair is released from the scalp it is usually held in place by other hairs. This is why it may seem that you are losing your hair because of these actions but in reality they have already been released from the scalp.

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"If You Do Not Wash Your Hair Often, It Will Grow More"

Less washing means fewer chances for breakage? This is false. The hair is at its healthiest and strongest when it’s clean and conditioned. If you skip washing too much, your scalp follicles

can become clogged, which can actually cause your hair to stop growing. Also, make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. For example, you cannot go wrong with Oribe!

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"Hair Vitamins are a Waste of Money"

Some of them are, some of them are not. We do our best do be on top of every single piece of information about the products we carry at the salon. But we also encourage our clients to do some research by themselves. There are so many products out there claiming that your hair will grow, without been scientifically proved or tested. That is why we always recommend VIVISCAL PRO. Its is an amazing product that works from within the scalp, used by celebrities, and it has proven that really works!

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So Remember, Not Everything you Hear is true or Beneficial for your Hair! If you Have any Questions, We Will Be Happy To Help You!