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The Perfect Cat Eye

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Cat Eye Eyeliner: Most Popular Enhancer to Achieve The Perfect Look

While Cat Eye Eyeliner looks beautiful in everyone of us, it’s important to take your eye shape into consideration when drawing it. While the technique stays the same for everyone, the thickness of the line and the length of the wing can change. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect look.

Find The Perfect Eyeliner

This is the first and most import part of the process. You must select an eyeliner that is not dry and rough to your skin. Defining Liner Eyeliner by Revitalash Cosmetics, is a perfect option. It is richly pigmented, easy-to-use, and its creamy formula for high-impact, stay-true color.

Find the Right Angle

Take a piece of tape and place it on a 45-degree angle beginning at the end of your upper lash line or draw a dot on the outside corner indicating how high you want your cat-eye slant to extend. This step is going to ensure your wing is going directly upward instead of facing down or too horizontal.

Start Drawing

Using your Revitalash eyeliner, draw a line along the edge of the tape or reaching the dot draw. The line should start as a continuation of your last lash, going up and out toward the outer edge of your eyebrow.

Focus on the Inner and Outer Corners

Line the rest of your top lash line to your inner corner, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Do the same for your bottom lash line. Then make sure you fill in the area between the top line and bottom line at the outer corners with the eyeliner.

Final Touch

Finish up your look with Revitalash Mascara!

You Can Find The Revitalash Line at The D. Laudati Salon

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