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The Hair You Deserve

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Ready to bring your hair from Ordinary to Extraordinary?

Whether you are looking to add length, volume or color, Ultratress Remy human hair extensions can help you achieve your hair expectations. Without damaging your natural locks and bringing out the confidence you deserve.

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When are hair extensions more than just hair extensions?
When they’re Ultratress!


The ultimate hair extension The methodology of its application makes Ultratress the ultimate hair extension; not only can these extensions be applied in half the time, but Ultratress can be placed higher on your scalp than any other hair extension brand.

This allows your new hair to flow from your existing hair in a far more natural look and style. So rather than just extending your hair, Ultratress allows for a natural flow with your existing hair and your Ultratress hair.

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Cold fusion is also known as micro link, or i-tip extensions. It is a method that is applied by weaving small sections of hair through a micro link tube. To install we use weaving tools and pliers to weave the small sections of hair.

Cold hair fusion extensions were created to be a more gentle alternative than keratin hot fusion hair extensions. It was created to be a lot gentler on your natural hair than hot fusion.

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Tape extensions are quite popular. A tape is a track of hair that is already attached together in a row and which is applied using one row at a time — as opposed to strand by strand. It application, takes very little time and results in gorgeous, luscious hair.

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We use the finest, hand selected, 100% Remy Human Hair. Give us a Call and come in for a complementary consultation so you can have the hair you have always dreamed about!