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How to Prevent your Hair from Tangling?

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Hair texture, frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, as well as the healthiness of the hair are just some of the few reasons why your hair is constantly tangling.

Learning how to deal with hair tangles is not fun. But, do not worry, there are some things you can do to minimize tangling and the damage that comes from detangling your hair.

Condition your hair and hair extensions 

Even if you want volume, do not skip conditioner. Conditioning your hair after shampooing will restore moisture back into it, leaving it smoother and less likely to tangle.

Oribe has plenty of options. When you come in to see your hairdresser, ask them about which conditioner is the right one for you.

Always be sure to comb the conditioner through your hair to make sure that every strand

is covered. You can use a wide-toothed comb or a WetBrush, both of which are made specifically for this purpose and are available for purchase at D. Laudati.

Be sure to leave the conditioner in for at least 30 seconds.

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Hair mask at least once a week

Oribe hair masks are highly potent treatments that restore the hair with moisture and lost nutrients, leaving it silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangling overall. Heat always makes a mask penetrate better, so you may want to wrap your hair in a hot towel or wear a plastic cap and apply heat from your blowdryer or take a sauna or sit in the sun for a few minutes.

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While you sleep, no hair down

While you move and turn aroud in your sleep, your hair moves against the pillow and this creates friction . To combat this, we recommend to loosely braid your hair and tie it with a scrunchie (never an elastic band!)before sleeping, or tie your hair up in a loose bun. A silk pillowcase is also a good way to eliminate friction and protect your hair.

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Cold Water and Heat Protection

After a nice hot shower, your hair cuticles are open, which leads to frizz and tangling. Rinsing your hair with cool/cold water before you get out of the shower will help to seal the cuticles which prevents tangling. Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry, as blowing

it dry will open the cuticles again. If you must blow dry right away, towel out as much moisture as possible and use your favorite hair oil or elixir (our best seller is Oribe Gold Lust) and a heat protecting spray (you'll love Imperial Blowout!)

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And do not forget to brush your hair every day!

You don't have to spend a lot of time brushing your hair, but always brush before shampooing.