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How To Choose The Right Hairspray For You

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With so many products out there, you must be wondering: Which one is the best? or What is the difference? Take a look at this blog and find the perfect one for you!

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What Kind of Result Are You Looking For

When choosing a Hairspray you should take into consideration what kind of hair you have. Is your hair curly, straight, frizzy, flat, long, short? Also, what kind of look do you want to achieve?

Here are some of the main aspects to consider:

Different Kinds of Hold

Light Hold: This particular hairspray hold can last for a few hours and offers only temporary hold. It can be combed and brushed through pretty easily without causing any damage.

Medium Hold: This one is not too strong but provides a firmer hold than the light one. One of its pros is that it makes it easier to manage your hair while adding some shine to it.

Strong Hold: This type of hold is is designed to retain its hold for hours and hours. This one is the ideal choice for hard to handle hair types.

Match It to Your Needs

Anti-frizz: This type of spray is designed to help people who struggle with frizzy hair. Adding a spritz of anti-frizz hairspray to your hair can keep it smooth throughout the day. This product is a must for rainy days and summer Florida days.

Volume: Products with volumizing properties add body to your hair. Because these sprays give your hair extra weight, it is recommended to be used only if you have very fine or straight hair. Using these on thick or curly hair can cause your strands to appear puffy or frizzy.

Shine: If it feels like your hair needs to be brought to life, hairsprays that promote shine may be just what you’re looking for. These products help your hair maintain a natural glow and radiance, especially after using a hairdryer or flat iron.

Control: Control spray is one of the most popular kinds of hairspray. It works keeping your hair locked in place. Unlike other hairsprays, control spray is suitable for all hair types. It also gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to fix up your hair however you want.

Setting: Setting hairsprays lightly style your hair and smooth it out. These are designed for fine or straight hair and can expertly hold together even the lighter strands. Setting hairsprays not only can control flyaways, they also reduce static, and are great to set hair in place after using a straightener or curling iron.

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Come in and Let us help you choose the Perfect hair Spray for You!