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Fun Things to do While Social Distancing

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Remember all those things that you always wanted to do but you could never find the time?

Look at the bright side of these not so easy times and make time for yourself and your family. 

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No Gym, No Problem

There are plenty of ways to excercise at home. Online you can also find thousands of videos, some of these include yoga, zumba, and many other workouts where you would only need to use your own weight.

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Cooking time

For some, cooking is not their specialty. For those who like to cook, time is an obstacle very often, because some of the best dishes need dedication. So now is the time, to learn how to cook, to improve your skills, or to cook that fancy plate you crave. If you have a recipe book, good for you. If not, do not worry. There are hundreds of very detailed recipes online, inlcuding what ingredients do you need, how much of each, cooking time, and some of them have videos that will show you the color and consistency that you need to reach.

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Educate yourself

It is time to read that book you always were so interested in. It is time to check that documentary. Even, if you aways wanted, it is the time to go back to college, get that degree or find that online seminar or course that you were always talking about. Rmember, it is never too late.

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Take care of yourself

Drink enough water, spoil yourself with weekly exfoliation, face and hair masks. Go outside for a walk and enjoy the sun. Meditate, spend some quality time with your family. Listen to your favorite music while you clean and move somethings around to keep things fresh. You might be surprised how rewarding it is!

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Keep in touch, Stay connected! Reach out to the people you love, and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Your family, at the D. Laudati Salon.