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Damaged Lips? We Have the Perfect Solution

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LIPSMART reverses the signs of aging on your lips and relieves dry lip concerns through a breakthrough ingredient delivery system that boosts the skins natural regenerative cycle and helps skin look and feel as it did when it was younger. LIPSMART provides a rapid, visible and dramatically powerful moisture-restoring effect.

Key Benefits

-Visible Results in 60 Seconds

-Medical Grade Hydration

-Specially formulated for sensitive skin

-Diminishes fine lines, cracks and flaking

-Long lasting relief for tightness and dryness

How Does It Work

REVIVE – delivers hydrating technology

  • relieves and heals stressed and damaged skin against the abuse of the elements.
  • immediately calms and soothes with antioxidants.
  • enhances skin’s vitality for a more youthful look.

REPLENISH – improves texture through moisture

  • a powerful bio-active blend of fruit and plant extracts reinforce and strengthen the inter-cellular function of the lips through moisturization.
  • moisture balancing lipids solve the dry lip problem by slowing down evaporation.
  • reduces signs of aging and influences volume through enhanced moisture retention.

REJUVENATE – nourish and protect

  • sustains less damage over time.
  • plant derived conditioner forms a protective barrier to soften the lips.
  • skin looks smoother, youthful and creates a fuller more defined lip.

Before and After

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You Can Find LipSmart at the D. Laudati Salon

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